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Equip yourself with the cloud call center that suits your business. Let DialDesk help your agents work from office or remotely — anywhere, anytime.

Solutions that fit your needs

Deploy DialDesk call centers to meet your customers’ shifting demands. Improve customer experiences and grow your business.


Maintain a complete overview of your customer interactions to gain valuable insights on your business’ sales cycle. Make the most of intelligent call routing and other features that help meet your sales goals.

Customer interaction timeline

View customer history through their interactions. Make sure your agents are well informed and capable of handling customer queries effectively.

Add tags and notes to calls

Supervisors can create tags and agents have the option of adding them to calls. Use tags and notes on calls to understand customer behavior.

Clear calls, call routing & more

Use call routing, real-time engagement details, and crystal-clear call quality to maximize customer satisfaction.

Call reporting

Understand where you stand with your call center KPIs through call reports. Get a detailed breakdown of call metrics and recognize areas you can improve.

Seamless outbound calling

Access customer contacts through the contact list in a single click. Agents can make calls to external numbers through their digital phone for this purpose.

Customer contact list

All-in-one feature for agents to have complete access to the customer contact numbers and an overview of their information.

Customer support

Use call monitoring to quickly connect incoming calls with the right agent — resolve your customer queries from the very first call.

IVR designer

Use IVR flows to connect your customers to the right agent. With the help of seamless call routing, provide the support they are looking for.

Call transferring

Transfer calls to other parties, internally or externally. Or, connect between customers and a 3rd party to facilitate live supervision and agent intervention.

Monitor & track calls

Supervisors can use real-time call monitoring features to help your agents provide quality customer solutions with data-driven feedback.

Maintain call queues

Configure your call queue to improve callers’ experience during hold time instead of sending them straight to voicemail.

Access agent dashboards

Monitor all your business’ call center metrics in one easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to be more efficient and exceed your KPIs.

Automatic call distribution

Connect callers to the best-suited agents based on skill, IVR options, and other factors.


Manage all your business processes in one complete platform. Enable seamless internal communications between teams and agents to streamline teamwork.

Switch between workspaces

Work across multiple workspaces and receive relevant calls from that company. Make the most of your agents with a touch of a button.

Manage multiple teams

Manage multiple teams easily — create teams, add users, and delete teams. Ensure customers connect with the best-suited agent from the right team.

Interact across teams

Get the most out of your agents with the option for them to collaborate across teams and workspaces.

Agent to agent calls

Through intercom, your agents can directly contact other agents who are online.

Monitor & track calls

Supervisors can use real-time call monitoring features to help your agents provide quality customer solutions with data-driven feedback.

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