Simple solutions, great impact

DialDesk offers simple, scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes. Stay in sync with your customers’ shifting needs and build successful teams.


Connect with your customers

Stay connected to anyone, anywhere. You can also monitor calls, engage in internal communications, and resolve queries quicker than before. No more compromising on customer satisfaction.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) designer

Design modern IVR flows efficiently using predefined templates. Or, build your smarter IVR to help customers find the right agent on the first call.

3-way call

Add a third party to any business call using DialDesk’s 3-way call feature. You can share information among the team in real-time and switch between calls.

Call routing

Help customers reach the team with the right skills that can best serve them. Configure the system to shorten your process into one-click solutions.


Data-driven insights

With DialDesk, measure metrics that matter, study data over time, and spot trends in performance. You can use these insights to make data-driven decisions. Set KPIs that reflect your standards.

Call detail report (CDR)

Understand caller trends such as where, when, and how the calls happened for future use — these could be calls that happen during and after work hours.

Agent productivity

Develop a culture of progression. Understand your agents’ productivity through a breakdown of agent KPIs.

Queue report

See how queues are performing by tracking metrics like the number of unanswered calls, call durations, and wait times. Identify and utilize performance trends.


Meet the industry standards

Track and oversee communications as they are carried out, ensuring a consistent quality of service across the board. Improve customer and agent experience, while reducing agent guesswork.

Supervisor dashboards

Monitor all your business’ call center metrics in one easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to be more efficient and exceed your KPIs.

Supervisor assistance

Supervisors have a holistic view of what’s happening at any given moment. Identify areas for improvement to coach your teams and develop your business.

Agent dashboards

Filter information according to time range and view displayed details such as total interactions, call tags, and more to understand agent productivity.


Streamline the work environment

DialDesk provides your agents with the right tools and guidance for a smooth customer journey. Resolve existing customers’ concerns and make connections that convert with modern user management practices.

Register users to the system

Easily invite external users to the system via email and add existing users to other workspaces, including agents and supervisors.

Create and delete user roles

In a few clicks, assign users to predefined roles or create roles and assign users to them.

Manage call center agent teams

Create and manage teams — add users, assign roles and switch between different workspaces through the system.


Customer service with a human touch

With DialDesk, ensure the call only disconnects after the customer receives their resolution. You can also maintain and manage your customer base through registered profiles with timelines.

Maintain customer profiles

Display registered profiles for both outbound and inbound calls.

Review prior customer interactions

View customer history through their interactions. These include profile timelines, past calls, call tags, call recordings, notes, and customer reminders.

Customer detailed reports

Retrieve reports on customer data via the supervisor console for quick reference. Filter this information by agent, customer, and date range.

The right contact center for great customer experience

Choose the call center that fits your business and cater to every customer — anywhere, at anytime. Maximize performance and minimize agents’ workload.


Sales helps you identify opportunities and close deals faster. Through a holistic view of your customers, you can track every interaction and engage meaningfully.

Customer support

Customer support boosts your productivity and reduces wait time. Leverage intelligent call routing and contextual customer data to deliver better experiences.


BPO allows you to manage your resources better with the option of switching the same users across internal teams and external workspaces.

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